Who The Fuck Are The Arctics Monkeys

Who The Fuck Are The Arctics Monkeys

Han sido comparados con the The Jam, Blur, y Pulp. Quien Diablos son The Arctics Monkeys

We all want someone to shout for
Yeah, everyone wants somebody to adore
But your heroes aren't what they seem
When you've been where we've been

Have I done something to trigger
The funny looks and the sniggers?
Are they there at all, or is it just paranoia?

Everybody's got their box
Doing what they're told
You pushed my faith near being lost
But we'll stick to the guns
Don't care if it's marketing suicidal
Won't crack or compromise
Your do-rights or individes
Will never unhinge us

And there's a couple of hundred
Think they're Christopher Columbus
But the settlers had already settled
Yeah, long before ya

Just cos we're having a say-so
Not lining up to be playdoh
Oh, in five years time, will it be
"Who the fuck's Arctic Monkeys?

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